How easily criminals gain access to your property

How thieves steal your gate motor in South Africa

If it isnt your motor they want, then its the battery inside

Where there is a will, there is a way


  • Gate motors on the ground are easy to access
  • Even a concrete base where your motor is mounted on makes little difference
  • As much as this video is speeded up, this generally takes 10 mins at best.


  • Keep your gate motor secure by
    • making it inaccessible from the outside
    • fit rollers ontop of the gate or pins that slot into upright posts to prevent lifting
    • Install an ALARM on the gate motors
  • Gate sensors are more of a risk that a convenience, disabling the feature on gate motors prevents thieves from jamming your gate when you are driving in
  • Lock your gate using a padlock when you are out of town for extended periods.


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